Priorities of Admission are as under

(a) Children of serving and deceased AF personnel, who died while in active service.
(b) Children of Ex Air Force personnel including SSC Officer, Children of staff working in AF School , Children of serving and deceased (who died while in active service) Army & Navy Personnel.
(c) Children of serving DSC & NCs(E) personnel and children of Ex Army / Navy / DSC & NCs(E) personnel.
(d) Children of civilians paid out of Defence Estimates , Para Military Forces, Civilian MES personnel , GREF, TA (When not embodied).
(e) Other Children
Students coming from Air Force Schools on transfer may not appear for an admission test in the new school, if they have completed one academic session in the previous school and their academic record has been received with the transfer certificate. Otherwise, they also have to take an admission test in the new school and admission is to be offered to them according to the decision of the Principal of the new school.
ADMISSION TO SCIENCE GROUP The selection of students of the Mathematic and Science Group in Class XI is to be determined solely on the basis of merit in Mathematics and Science in the common examination of class X. A student securing less than 50 % marks individually in Mathematics and Science subjects, may not be admitted to the Science Group.
A pupil who fails once at the annual examination (Classes I - X) may be admitted to the same class in the next session of the same or of any other Air Force School. The question of continuance of child in the same class even after two consecutive failures is left to the discretion of the Principal/ Management.

Those seeking new admission as well as those coming on transfer from an Air Force School have to produce a transfer certificate from the school last attended . In case, the school is not an Air Force School or a KV the certificate be endorsed by the District Education Officer of the district in which the school is located. The endorsement is to be specifically indicate whether it is recognized institution or not.

SUBJECTS FOR ADMISSION TEST The admission test to various classes may be conducted depending upon the numbers of candidates and vacancies available. The test is to be designed in such a way that it covers the syllabus of one class below the class in which the student is seeking admission. The list of suggested subjects in which the admission test may be conducted is given below :- (a) English (b) Mathematics (c) Science (Individual subjects like Physics/ Chemistry/ Biology for Senior Classes) (d) Hindi / General Knowledge.
A pupil who fails in the Board's final examination may be admitted ordinarily as a casual student and the fee charged at the same rate as from a regular student. However, in exceptional circumstances Chairman School Management Committee may approve admission as a regular student.

Age Limit

A child must attain the minimum age limit as per National Education Policy - 2020, before being granted admission to the school as on 01 April of the academic session in the Pre primary classes.

Proof of Age

(i) Birth certificate issued by Military / Civil Hospitals as well as by Municipalities / Village Panchayats are to be accepted as proof of age.
(ii) In case of defence personnel , POR extract duly signed by Unit Adjutant, is also to be accepted as a proof of age.